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Okay, so if you’re anything like me and every other millennial parent that I know – you just had to have the fancy stroller with all of the bells and whistles. You know – the one stroller that is probably a travel system stroller, has the ability to attach a bassinet, a car seat and a regular seat? Yeah. That one item on your registry that has quietly become the status symbol in its own right but aside from the casual strolling, it’s pretty darn heavy and in certain situations unpractical. Like when you’re traveling, duh!

Me, Gray and our limited edition Cybex featuring the Lux Seat

For me, I’m guilty as charged! My fancy stroller (well, all four of them I would say are fancy) is a limited edition Cybex Priam designed by Jeremy Scott, which I love and adore and got with all the extra add-ons (carry cot bassinetcar seat, skis – yep – skis! Hey – we have a home at a ski destination so we’ll make use, and they can be used on sand too!), but the truth is that it’s just not what I’m trying to lug around on a cross-country trip. It’s actually one of the lighter travel-system strollers and has a compact fold but still not really trying to lug it around on flights. Some parents have no issue taking their Cybex’s, Stokke’s, and Bugaboo’s everywhere they go, and kudos to y’all for getting every penny’s worth out of those things but I’m keen on variety and convenience. So when I want to be fancy-fancy I’ll pull out the Cybex.

So, there are a few really amazing lightweight strollers on the market right now. The “lightweight” category is particularly exclusive to strollers that weigh 18lbs or less. We own the two strollers which are literally the two lightest strollers on the market.

First is the GB Pockit+ (Plus) by GoodBaby,, available in the US.

Originally when introduced in 2014, it broke the Guinness Book of World Records as the lightest and most compact stroller in the world. The original Pockit stroller (still available – and on sale!) weighs only 9.5 lbs, holds kids up to 55lbs, and has two tiny collapsible folds that it fits not just in an overhead compartment but in a designer handbag too, such as a Celine Luggage Tote (pictured above)! Now, the amazing makers at GB (GoodBaby) have introduced the brand new Pockit+ stroller which now offers an adjustable recline, and is travel system ready with capability to install your GB or Cybex infant car seats. The new GB Pockit+ weighs just under 11-pounds and has a travel bag and other accessories available.

GB Pockit+

My reason for purchasing this stroller? Well originally I was gifted the first Pockit stroller and when I heard this one was releasing, I sold that one on eBay for practically full retail and purchased this one. While this stroller, like all, has its pros and cons, for me – the pros outweigh the cons. I love the insanely tiny collapsible fold, and love how easy it is to use. Additionally, GB (GoodBaby) is a sister company to Cybex, so this means that the product itself is made exceptionally well, and it can accommodate my existing infant car seat – the Cybex Aton Q! While it’s not available in stores in the United States just yet (releases in the Fall), you can still purchase it online via international retailers from countries where it has already released. eBay is a good place to check for the GB Pockit+, which is where I got mine for exactly what it would cost here!

BabyZen Yoyo+

Next up is the BabyZen Yoyo+ @ Amazon.

The BabyZen Yoyo+ is another great travel option that I own, that also collapses small enough to fit in an overhead compartment. While the aesthetic of the stroller for me doesn’t scream luxury, it’s still a very well-made convenient and practical stroller. The great thing about the Yoyo is that you can also collapse it and open it with one hand while holding baby in the other. A handy carry strap allows for easy portability and the stroller itself only weighs around 13-pounds. 

Both strollers, with the use of their infant-car seat adapators, can be used from birth. The BabyZen Yoyo has a bassinet that is available for it’s frame that also allows for infant use.


Great question – but the message here isn’t that you need a separate stroller just for travel. Rather the key here is that a lightweight stroller, and more importantly a compact stroller is a game-changer in parenthood! Aside from these mentioned above, there’s a slew of other lightweight contenders on the market that we will review later on in another article but for now, these are newer to the game and noteworthy.

For travel specifically, a lightweight stroller – especially one that will fit in an overhead compartment – will allow for so many less headaches. For starters, you won’t have to worry about possibility of damages caused when having to check-in your stroller, whether it’s at the gate or at curbside. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard of parents being infuriated only to discover that their strollers are missing a wheel, or are bent out of shape, or the cupholder has gone missing, when receiving their strollers after a flight…only to have the airline then make them fill out a complaint and claim and undergo a long wait process when all they want to do is get their babies to their destination. Second, the weight burden is so much less! I mean just think of everything you’re carrying: carry-on luggage, diaper bag, food, toys, baby, AND stroller? Taking off a possible 10-pounds plus is literally taking weight off of your shoulders!


These strollers hold up well for everyday use, so if purchasing a lightweight think of how much you’ll get out of your investment! As noted earlier the GB Pockit+ holds a child up to 55-pounds. The new BabyZen Yoyo+ can accommodate a child up to 40-pounds. Both strollers are not just great for travel but for city-dwellers and those alike! Parents that love to commute on public transportation, and strut the pavement, will love the portability of these strollers. They are designed to be on the move with you so make sure you check them out!

For those wondering what my fourth stroller is; it’s a limited edition Fendi collaboration, Inglesina Tripp stroller that weighs 15-pounds.


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