Hacking Toddlerhood: Say Hello to DECCO – The Toddler Monitor



That’s right; my three-foot 15-month old took a tumble head-first out of his crib, one morning while leaning over and onto the floor. Now normally – Grayson has been the child who likes his crib. Similar to how I was when his age, according to my mom, waking up in the morning never meant that I had to rush to go in to grab him. He would just wake up and chill for a good hour or so entertaining himself. Well, fate had a different milestone for us that day; when as I was getting dressed for the day I heard a huge thump, followed by about 30 seconds of silence and then blaring screams from room. I instantly glanced at the baby monitor only to see that the crib was empty and that’s when I knew that he had taken a fall out of the crib.

Imagine the panic we as parents encountered in that moment…

After rushing in, I thankfully discovered him to be fine, considering the fall. No scrapes. No broken bones. No busted lip. Nada. Boy, were we lucky! But instantly, I knew we had to tackle a few issues immediately.


For starters, we had to absolutely convert our crib and add our conversion rail before the very next nap! Seemed easy. Installed easy. Our Babyletto Harlow Crib made this all super easy.

But wait – after the first nap and overnight sleep session, where Gray literally rolled out off of the open side of the conversion rail, I realized that – gosh this baby, although he’s big in size for this kind of milestone, he’s still not developmentally there yet for a crib conversion.

So I spent the week seeking solutions to keep him from taking additional falls. This is where I discovered the ComfyBumpy, which I placed right over the unprotected area; and also began seeking the answer to a new problem on my hands…


From the moment we converted Gray’s crib, he discovered every which way in how he could climb out. This became an instant headache for me and serious fear because the last thing I needed was failing to notice if Gray would dare leave his room in the middle of the night, and get into God-knows what. We all know as parents, that any kind of randomness and potential disaster only takes seconds in the Land of Toddler, so for the first few nights I watched and stalked my baby monitor like a nighthawk.

At this point, I was the most sleep-deprived I had been since – well, all of Grayson’s life (he has always been a terrific sleeper!), and I just knew that I had to find a solution. After all, this is 2018 – there is always a solution!

So I took my millennial-mommin’ behind onto the interwebz and social webz and encountered an ah-ha discovery!


The DECCO is just that – a toddler monitor, and it’s absolutely genius!

It’s a super cute blue silicone monster, that’s designed to hang on your little one’s bedroom door handle, but inside it’s armed with a sensory and motion detector that uses a built-in low power, high performance accelerometer, and communicates to your smart-phone via its own app, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to support your child safety requirements. 

About Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):

“BLE was designed for the low-energy power requirements demanded by the Internet of Things, optimized for use in battery powered devices, with native support on iOS and android devices. BLE avoids network reliability concerns and can be used in locations where WiFi is not available. We selected our programmable BLE chip from one of the leading embedded semi-conductor manufacturers (Cypress), whose technology can be found in the BMW 7 series and many other luxury vehicle brands (Porsche, Mercedes and Ducati).”

While DECCO hangs out on your tot’s door, you can turn him on and activate the royal guard or you can deactivate him and put him to sleep via easy settings on the Toddler Monitor app. When engaged, the Toddler Monitor will activate and should it feel any motion coming to the door and/or turns of its handle, it will send a unique pitch sound alarm to your phone to notify you, immediately. And in case you’re wondering – yes, it will still alert you in the same way even if your phone happens to be on a do-not-disturb setting!

The DECCO is USB chargeable and one full charge will last a good week, and the best thing I appreciate is that it allows for selection of three levels of sensitivity. This means wonders for those in a busy home, or where their child’s room is located in a high-foot-traffic area. At the highest setting the device is extremely sensitive and will register subtle movement. With the lowest setting picking up only the obvious door handle turns and obvious door motions.

What I love about DECCO is that it’s also portable. Just grab it and go. Nothing else is needed. Just your phone and your DECCO. So it’s easy for me to grab to bring to my mom’s place, or if we’re traveling! Also – a good thing to know is that you can pair three DECCO’s to one smart phone or tablet! This means you can guard additional doors of extra kiddos, or maybe doors of concern in other parts on your home, such as a sliding glass door, a front or attic door, etc.

Cuteness aside…let’s also think about the creativity here!

Grayson is so enamored by his DECCO and obviously intrigued, but I’ve already begun mentioning to him that DECCO is his friend, and as he gets older and can verbally communicate more, I will mention to him in a relatable concept of why DECCO needs to stay on his door at all times, because it has super powers that protects him! Cool right? 🙂


DECCO was born when its founder Krista’s then 2-year-old son managed to escape his room and out of her home one night. As told on their site, Krista’s son “had managed to crawl out the doggie door, across the lawn, and back into bed without anyone even rolling over.” She literally woke up only to discover her lawn sprinkler nestled next to her son’s teddy bear, and the most scary part of this was that NO ONE in her home, including her ever noticed!

Now let’s think here: could you imagine the worry and million-and-one “what if…” scenarios that went on in her head? Not even just that but then there’s the ever so dreaded but certainly real MOM GUILT! She was shaken and felt horrible. Her tot had made it out of the house overnight when he was supposed to be sound asleep, and she didn’t hear a thing! That is insanely scary!

She Googled for solutions and couldn’t find an answer. Upon sharing her story with other moms, she felt victim to mom-shaming. As she told me exclusively:

“…other moms would say ‘Oh I always hear my kids’ or ‘My kids will always come to me’…I felt like the worst mom…”

In the midst of dealing with unfair and insensitive mom-shaming however, Krista quickly realized another problem:

“I found that a lot of parents were actually locking their kids in their rooms and not really talking about it.”


I was shocked – but then I started asking around and found it to be true among some. Scary realization, and such a dangerous hazard that we shouldn’t be resorting to – for safety reasons. :/

After dealing with sleepless nights of her Wandering Toddler and growing concerns, Krista and her friend Lisa took matters into their own hands and designed the DECCO and the Toddler Monitor app. Their goal was restoring peace of mind, and promoting safety in the home for your little one.

I respect Krista and Lisa as amazing mamapreneurs because not only are they creators behind something insanely genius but they’re also being refreshingly transparent about their story and parenting experiences! This is just the perfect dose of realness that I love to see, and the kind of support among mothers that is needed. We as parents aim high to do our very best around the clock, but as they say “Even Super Hero parents need a sidekick! Let DECCO take the nightshift.

As for me, I love this so much that I’ve decided it will be one of my go-to baby-shower gifts going forward whether its on a registry or not. Especially because I know that it’s one of those items as an expecting parent (especially a first-time one), you may not realize you need it until you find yourself in a premature situation like mine, where you absolutely need it! So buy one for yourself, and buy one for someone who’s expecting! Trust me, they will indeed thank you; and you will thank yourself!


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