A Note to The Wonderparent!

Roselyn & Grayson (6-months old)

Roselyn & Grayson (6-months old)

Before we cover anything else in this introduction, I must first point out that this isn't a mom blog.

Nope, not a mom blog, and if that's what you're seeking, then maybe you'll find it elsewhere but not here.

While there are various posts that will be written to cover certain subjects that only women may be able to relate to (i.e.: breastfeeding), I specifically didn't want to exclude an entire audience of kick-a$$ WonderDads simply based off gender preferences. Plus, I know many dads who are going above and beyond their roles in parenting and deserve every bit and sense of recognition available! In the state of millennial parenting, it's no secret that dads are in this as much as moms are - and that is more than a great thing; so I am happy to include its recognition here on Petite Plus One.

Aside from the above, what else is there? Well, several months into Motherhood, led me to create this fun and informative digest for modern-day millennial parents and those to-be! A place for reference, assurance, and the confidence not to freak-out! Basically, a summary of everything I've learned and come across in my time as a parent, but also an honest insight into the things that I don't know, definitely don't have the answers on, and am still discovering proper solutions to. The goal is to show that yes - it's okay not to know it all off the bat! But that doesn't mean that you can't learn. Get it? :)

I've come across so much in my experience and it's insane how much parenting has change since my mom became one; or heck, even since my sister became one (only 4-years ago), but while many core things remain the same - the truth is that the forever evolving styles of parenting in general will always teach you something new.

I wholeheartedly believe that the biggest benefit to parenting today, versus those that came before us; is the wealth of knowledge and resources available to us. Gone are the days of simply playing things by ear. Now you're able to search hundreds and hundreds of valuable resources pointing to answers of every day concerns, as they come about! Our very own parents definitely didn't have that, and that's why I think we should consider ourselves more than lucky because not only are you getting answers, solutions and affirmations, but you're also learning the 'why's', the 'how's', and even different ways things are handled across the globe. So should you or someone you know who's a parent, choose to tap into the selective ignorance of the age-old assumption that if said-person did A,B and C back in their day and everyone survived "just fine", then this probably isn't the place for you. Why? Well because we've come far past in time, as well as in medicine, and technique; to know better than just the A,B, and C scenarios that just so happened to work at one point in time!

Whatever your title...an expectant parent, a first-time mom, a second-round dad, or an adopting couple - there's always something new to learn when it comes to our kids. This is something that I can argue with anyone because this is what I feel is the best part! No two children are the same and everything during their growth process will always be new!

Why the name? Well since this has been created as a result of my own journey into this new world of parenting, and the discoveries I am learning about myself; life is no longer about me anymore, in anything that I do. It's now all about Grayson aka @LittleMrGray...my petite +1!

As for me and my background however, I'm going to keep it short and sweet on this intro because the mission here is to get you and keep you engaged. Should you want a quick insight on me and my Petite Plus One, feel free to head on over to this page to get the scoop.

For now however, I thank you for making your way onto here and congratulate you for already doing what you do best; and that is what I refer to as being the amazing and powerhouse of a Wonderparent that you already are, or will soon be.

With love, from both of us:

Roselyn  & Little Mr. Gray