Hacking the Picky Eater


Picky Eater? I call it developing palettes ! We got these silicone trays from Kiddo Feedo back when @littlemrgray was an infant but never got the traditional use out of them, because our son skipped the baby food and purée stage completely. We started solids @ 6 months and shot straight to Baby Led Wearning, where from day one he was set up to feed himself, with everything that we were eating on our own plates, in small and grab-ready bites. Fast forward to now, and repurposing these is an easy thing!

A surefire way to enable a picky-eater is by presenting the same foods over and over. Just because your child may not like a particular food one day, doesn’t mean that they won’t acquire the taste for it later. They’re palettes are literally developing as fast as they are growing.

These trays are great because you can essentially create what I like to call a “Tot Crudité” platter (because I need a fancy name for everything ), and present numerous food options for one sitting. These trays in particular, have nine 2.5oz portion molds so don’t underestimate the ability to serve a very filling meal in one of these! They’re also freezer/microwave/oven/dishwasher safe!

Seen here, is everything I served @littlemrgray for breakfast today (starting with the top, L to R):
 mozzarella cheese
 red-pepper hummus (homemade) & crackers
 grapes (they were cut in half, after this photo was taken)
 rxbar kids

How are you dealing with your picky eater? Share your solutions for other parents below!