Four Months Later: Yes, We STILL Love Our Goat Milk Toddler Formula!


So, it’s officially been four months now since @LittleMrGray has been consuming toddler formula, and I wanted to circle back with you to give you a fair update on our experience to date with Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula. Simply put: I love it today even more than the day that I began feeding it to Gray. I’ll explain why...

This winter season has been difficult, especially here in the Northeast. Grayson has had back to back colds and he even ended up catching the dreaded flu. It’s sucks to no end but our little guy has had a few not-so-good days here and there over the past several months. There have been days where he has not wanted to eat a thing. Not even blueberries, which seem to be his most favorite thing in the entire world. So we without a doubt faced a few days where the food intake became very challenging - even more challenging when you are begging and hoping your tot will eat because you absolutely don’t want to give them any antibiotics on an empty stomach. Throughout the moments of not wanting to eat however, Grayson has thankfully continued to find comfort in his Kabrita feedings. So much, that he now even takes it cold; whereas prior to he would only consume a warmed bottle. I know this may read as a small thing to some, but for us it’s a big glory!  That aside, Grayson is still digesting the Kabrita incredibly well and we are just very happy and pleased that we finally have something that we are so comfortable with, which is providing above and beyond the nutrition that our son needs. I think that it goes without saying, that as a parent - when you aren't able to, or no longer breastfeeding, by choice; being 100% satisfied with a formula that your child is drinking brings a new level of confidence and peace of mind. This for me, is Kabrita.

With that said, if you are a parent with a baby who is approaching their 1st year or a toddler that’s between 12-24 months old, I ask you to give Kabrita a shot! They are so sure that you will love their European-quality Goat Milk Toddler Formula, that they are offering everyone a FREE can! You simply have to pay for shipping, that’s it! That is a free full sized can of Kabrita plus two coupons that can be used towards future Kabrita USA purchases for just a shipping cost of $8.99. At this price, I’m honestly not sure how you can beat that or say no to that. I already mentioned to you guys prior how much money I wasted when exploring baby formula with Gray. There were cans that cost me anywhere from $22-45, only to completely leave them untouched and still full of formula after an unsuccessful run of 2 or 3 feedings. I honestly must’ve thrown away hundreds of dollars, so I am hoping that this won’t have to be you. The $8.99 offer is still far more inexpensive to try than going to buy a regular can of formula anywhere else and risking the fact that it may just not work with your baby - so what is there to lose? Not much at all!


Kabrita USA is a company run by women, so bringing you confidence that you can nourish your baby to the highest of standard, is part of their mission. Providing this offer is also part of their core values, as Kabrita USA offers samples and coupons to families in need. They are not a company where profit is their number one goal. They are wholeheartedly out to empower parents and engage with local communities to bring nutrition to our babies. Things like this are super important to me because since becoming a mom, I’ve become almost exclusively a huge small businesses consumer and supporter of the smaller players, than big companies. I find that they are more catering and careful with our needs as parents, listen to our concerns, and value our relationship much more. I invite you to simply view Kabrita USA’s Core Values by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in giving it a try, then click here. I would love to hear your feedback once you do! I’ve already gotten some great feedback sent to me from other moms giving it a shot, especially on social media, and it’s such an amazing thing to hear! I really hope that your stories and experience with Kabrita will be as wonderful as ours.

Till next time,